Over 20 Years of Design

In college, I designed band merchandise and built Flash websites for record labels like Warner Brothers, Sony BMG, and Fueled By Ramen.

After graduating, I designed the first mobile apps for QVC, led design at P'unk Ave, co-founded a media company and produced, art directed, and co-hosted an awards show once hailed as the best party in Philadelphia.

Facebook hired me in 2014 to design the product that manages all Ad tools. What followed was a 7+ year run where I patented donations and music sharing on News Feed and designed various Facebook Live and and Video products.

I joined Threads.com in 2021 to design the entire mobile app, then pioneered all brand and marketing efforts following the launch in 2022.

On Process & Mastery

My mother brags that I taught myself how to run before I learned how to walk.

While building Flash websites for Grammy award winning artists, I was still a year from finishing my college degree in graphic design.

Since my early career, my process has changed — no more running before learning how to walk.

Our tools today make things look easy, but that just means the real work needs to happen in one's head and hands.

I've learned to measure twice before cutting once, and my goal early in the process of creating anything new is to build a foundation of mastery before going rogue.

Learn the rule.
Be the rule.
Break the rule.

Patent Awards

Issue Date

Oct 19, 2021

Jun 2, 2020

Apr 7, 2020

Jul 24, 2018

Dec 6, 2016