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Tailor is an intelligent AI assistant designed to help people work faster on Threads.

At the end of 2022, our product team had been heads down building a diverse set of prototypes that were designed to tackle primary use cases on By January 2023, I was approached to help communicate these freshly built improvements.

How might we (in our brand voice) convey that Threads has AI built into its core, allowing it to summarize lengthy posts + complex and technical chats, take virtual meeting notes, suggest how to write more efficiently, and even serving as an educational chatbot upon signup?

Easy — we take the delightful approach of identifying our AI as a powerful, glowing, block that pilots a mechanical body — with the beating heart & brain of a robot.

A more detailed blog post about how I designed it can be found here —

  • Tailor

From the beginning, I knew that we would need to create a marketing landing page for this release. I created a 3D model of Tailor in Spline that animated the geometric transformation from Threads logo-to-glowing cube and worked to make this a beautiful, simple, in-browser statement.

For the marketing video, I recreated the 3D model (and scene) in Blender. In this format, we intended on showing Tailor "awakening"

The resulting animation sequence starts zoomed in on a solid block. Tailor's "eye" opens as they wakes up, illuminating the scene. The Threads logo collapses behind and away.

Tailor hovers up and down, and "looks around" before zooming off-camera. In the next scene, we see Tailor flying across a dark landscape (like an evening on Tattooine) and hovering in place. Underneath, several hundred other cubes illuminate to form the title sequence — an animation I created by procedurally generating noise.

In the Threads web & desktop app, Tailor appears as a glowing cube in the bottom right corner. To give Tailor a more conversational presence, I designed the mechanical body for them in the style of our voxel characters.