3D Art & Animation for Threads






Creative direction, 3D modeling, animation, brand




I taught myself how to use Blender in 2022 to create the Threads app icon in 3D and have since used the skills I learned to continuously explore what the Threads brand could look like in the context of other objects and spaces.

From advertising campaigns using cloth physics, to a custom keycap, to fake floppy discs and rendered studio setups — the need to create a scalable library of advertising collateral for Threads was a fun challenge.

  • 3D Art & Animation for Threads

"Hypnosilk #3" (2023) Times Square, NY. "Hypnosilk #2" (2023) Miami, FL. "Hyposilk #1" (2023) Boston, MA. All assets were created in Blender & After Effects.

A custom Threads keycap in atomic purple, in our product's dark mode colors. It was an appropriate visual pairing since Threads was designed primarily as a keyboard-friendly desktop tool, with various keyboard shortcuts, commands available via CMD + K, and the / menu accessible from within any composer. Of course we rendered this in light mode too.

For the marketing videos promoting the Threads mini-game PUSH, I created a quantum-density (QD) floppy disk from the future and rendered it using the mini-game's branding & titles.

For some of our product demos, I built and animated 3D scenes that gave context to app. This one in particular was created to demonstrate flipping a switch and having the UI change to light mode as the lights turned on in the room.

Because I modeled the original Threads app icon in Blender, I was able to reuse it in a few different marketing videos such as this one — composed to resemble a classic computing ad.