AI Generated Brand Campaign






3D, Prompt Engineering, Video Editing & Production





In June 2023, Spline released a "style transfer" feature that uses AI to paint an entirely new image using the shape and geometry information in a given 3D scene.

Using this feature, I modeled the Threads app icon and applied a series of prompts to generate individual images. This allowed me to explore hundreds of different ways that the Threads logo could be generated using everyday real-world items and settings to create a series of video shorts that we posted to our social media channels.

By September, I was able to start filtering generated images using ControlNet which yielded more detailed and convincing results. As of this writing, I've completed and published 3 of these AI-generated brand videos.

  • AI Generated Brand Campaign

It was a lot of fun playing with different prompts to see which foods would still look believably real once they were processed into this style transfer feature. The idea behind this food-specific video was to accompany a caption around Threads being a part of a balanced diet (of SaaS tools).

Fried eggs, in particular were a delightful surprise.

When it came to generating places in the world, I noticed how much more difficult it was to create a diverse set of colors. Cities (with people and cars) were rough in general, resembling impressionist paintings more than anything real.

The Threads logo works really well for this format. One thing I knew I could count on is the way square objects were dependably coherent.

The narrative for the 3rd video was tighter and had more detailed results than the previous iterations. Still, it was in service of the idea that Threads is the communications platform for of the modern hybrid workplace.